About Philip Curnow Photography Links - just click and follow : Are you looking to invest in a quality, fine-art oil painting ?  If so, take a look at the work of this  classically-trained artist, who is currently painting in France, and also represented in London and New York by both Saatchi and Art Gallery. How about a new sport for you ?  Have you thought about Archery ?  Take a look at  the Welsh Archery Associations website for more information. “Would-u-Like” furniture store.  A family owned  and run Furniture, Furnishings, Gift and Toy Store, located in the very Heart of Wales and delivering Nationwide.

I have helped as a “Student Mentor” in Newport with the University of  South Wales  Have a look at the courses and qualifications available for Photographers, Film Makers, Video Producers and other Arts Professionals.  

Buying or selling a house ?  Take a look at this website and see if they can save you the cost of part of your legal fees